Benefits of living in Barcelona

Barcelona has a lot of possibilities for you to develop your life project.

Barcelona has a lot of possibilities for you to develop your life project successfully. It is an open, cosmopolitan and multicultural city with a privileged location in the Mediterranean Sea, which grants the city the particular warm and great weather during all year. Here are five benefits of living in Barcelona. 

1. Quality of life

The style of Barcelona is special, it is a unique city in the world. The Mediterranean atmosphere motivates people to walk to the different neighborhoods and meet other people. Barcelona has 4 kilometers of beaches, being the favorite space of the metropolitan area, with about 9 million annual users. The city has several green areas, parks and gardens. One of the most important natural spaces in the world next to a city is Collserola Park. In addition, the city has a great variety of cultural leisure, gastronomic and commercial offer.

Barcelona is a services city, for example, it has good public and private health services and a quality educational network, with childhood schools to universities and higher education such as masters and highly recognized MBAs.

2. Activities and lifestyle
The city lifestyle is a balance between work and private life, which is very important for the citizens.

The city has a lot of cultural events, an exciting nightlife, delicious and varied cuisines and multiple shopping options. The opportunities to enjoy your free time in Barcelona are endless. 

3. Culture and gastronomy
Staying in the city is a great experience to enjoy art history, architecture and culture. It has a wide collection of artistic and architectural attractions such as Sagrada Familia, museums such as the Picasso Museum and bohemian neighborhoods such as the Raval and Gracia. Every neighborhood celebrates its own party called ‘Fiesta Mayor’, where locals decorate the streets and play with music and do different activities. 

Some of the world’s most awarded chefs, such as Ferran Adrià, Carme Ruscalleda or Sergi Arola, born in Barcelona. The city offers you a first-class gastronomic experience, with the mediterranean cuisine, which combines meat and fish. However, Barcelona’s gastronomy has evolved and it has become one of the main interests of the city to the world.

4. Weather
The weather of Barcelona is of the coastal Mediterranean type, characterized by warm temperatures throughout the year, mild winters and warm summers. It is common to have little rainfall throughout the year. The temperature is around 22 degrees and only 55 days of rain per year. The weather is an important factor for Barcelona to remain at the top of the list of cities to live.

5. Privileged location
The city of Barcelona is located in a strategic geographical point, on the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula. The city is protected by the Collserola mountain range, delimited by two river deltas and surrounded by a privileged natural environment. This helps to the sustainability: the city has become a large metropolis integrated into the environment.






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