Diversidad cultural en Barcelona

We are Let’s Live Barcelona. We are diversity.

The coexistence of different cultures in the same city contributes to the social and cultural enrichment. Barcelona is characterized by its cultural diversity and the different lifestyles that live together. 

In Barcelona there are more than 1.60 million people with different languages, ethnicities, religions, artistic expressions, values and gastronomy. The way we see and understand the world, among many other things, make this city unique

The 2030’s Agenda for Sustainable Development approval means the international recognition of the culture as a social key for change and development. The 17 proposed goals will be achieved by cultural diversity, to guarantee that all societies benefit from this development. 

Diversity is very important for every city and it comes from historical, political, technological, social events. Diversity exists since invasions, battles and conquests took place, because those historical moments meant people from different origins met. 

Cultural diversity is a reality. It is a reality that helps to develop and makes possible the connection between people with different roots.  Respect, will, tolerance and understanding is needed to preserve this coexistence in the same geographical space (country, region, city, residential complex…).

Industrial and technological development has increased diversity, because it has been the reason for a lot of migration looking for better job opportunities. Economic and political activities have also contributed to cultural diversity. At the same time, the recognition of cultural diversity, through the innovative use of media and ICT, helps to create dialogue between civilizations and cultures, respect and understanding. 

Overcoming the division between cultures is urgent and necessary for peace, stability and development. It is necessary to focus on the richness of diversity, it means development, social cohesion and peace. Cultural diversity is essential for development, economic growth and intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual enrichment. Cultural diversity is an indispensable element in reducing poverty and achieving sustainable development.

We are Let’s Live Barcelona.